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    Originally Posted by Bakuphoon View Post
    Now to proof i can do scratches:

    I would like to work here as a spriter I only do scratches though...
    That's a great Charizard. And you did it from scratch?
    Of course, everyone's a critic, so as not to be alienated from the group called 'everyone', I have my own thoughts for improvement.
    ~His head should 'dip' into his nose, not slope into it.
    ~His hand (right ) seems disproportionate from his front sprite size-wise
    ~I don't know what it is, but his back just seems... odd, to me compared with its extremities.

    But that's all just my opinion. Regard or disregard at your will.

    That aside, I stopped by to ask if my idea about ??? attacks took, cause if it did, I already got a few moves to post for it.