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    Pokemon Johto Legends takes place thirty years before Pokemon Yellow, while most of the region is still mountain and forest. The notorious Team Rocket is just beginning to form and strange sightings in Azaela Forest has caused the new organization to take action. As the story progresses the protagonist learns that Team Rocket wants to exploit Celebi's powers to travel back in time and capture the famed Mew. After defeating the Blackthorn Gym Leader Claire the hero learns that the Elite Four has teamed up with Team Rocket to capture the legendary pokemon Ho-Oh and Lugia who are said to dwell within the distant past. When the Rockets finally open the time portal they are confronted by Ho-Oh and Lugia who take flight and find refuge within the Johto region. After the hero stops the Rockets they angrily travel across the sea to the still mysterious region of Kanto.

    If you don't play Mabinogi then you are not awesome like me!!!

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