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Originally Posted by pokemonshinylegends View Post
awsome. lol'ed at the part about team snagem, and umbreon and espeon all th way through. this was a funny chapter, especially when mirror B. was there. great chapter!

edit, did you make a typo here: gallant price who rescued me. did you mean to say prince?
Price... uh, yeah, of course it's meant to be price... Thanks for that. *edits*

Originally Posted by CrystalGlaceon View Post
I like how you put what the Pokemon are saying in battle-it's really funny! I especially liked the frisbee Lotad part. (They DO look like frisbees!) And Miror B FTW! On XD, I never snagged all the shadow Pokemon from him, just so I could continue to see him! There's nothing like battling in Miror B's music... Oh, and I also liked the "To be continued... ...right now" part. I actually thought it was the end of the chapter until I scrolled down and noticed the end part! Keep it up!
Thanks again.
Miror B music is probably the best Pokemon music IMO. I prefer Colo over XD, incidently.
For those who may 'recognize' the 'to be continued... right now' joke from the Simpsons - in actual fact had written that part before hearing of the joke, let alone seeing the movie (did so a couple of weeks or so later. Was interesting to see the same thing...).
Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
I love your idea, bobandbill, but there was a little thing that stuck out in chapter two... For the battles against the Pre-gym trainers, from what I read, it looked like you just gave one-paragraph synopses (summaries) of each battle... I really would've enjoyed reading more about them than just that... Try to avoid that stuff in the future, cause it opens up a little potental for slapstick stuff... Good job overall though. I'll check back as you add more.
Thanks for that. I migth as well 'explain' mu summaries:
Well, if you've played the game (or any Pokemon game), you'd know about the huge amounts of battling that occurs... and had decided to 'summerise' that part to save time, and keep the pace moving. And after all, if I actually went ahead and did every single battle in 'real-time' that occured in the game... it'll be a while before I finished this.

Have already done the next so-and-so chapters previously (up to chapter 9), but you'd be plaesd to here that the next few battles also occur in 'real-time' and all, including a big-ish one. I do use the 'summary' technique once more later on (chapter 7), although in generally greater detail than here, and that part basically warrents the use of that (and would have resulted in the chapter being twice as long if I had the brain capacity and time to make them all long, and still funny battles - and it ended up being nearly 18 pages...). Good point however, and a fair one to make. I like those sort of things - helps me improve.

In other words, there's not many summeries that will occur anytime soon, and a fair few 'proper' battles.

Thanks for reviewing all!