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    Charizard Lv.64
    Pidgeot Lv.61
    Pikachu Lv.63
    Dugtrio Lv.61
    Vaporeon Lv.60
    Hitmonchan Lv.61

    Typhlosion Lv.77
    Pikachu Lv.68
    Hitmonlee Lv.54
    Quagsire Lv.65
    Entei Lv.66
    Lapras Lv.60

    I don't usually get legendaries, but the legendary dogs are an exception for me because having them in my party makes me feel good (it wasn't particularly easy for me to get Entei, even though I actually wanted Raikou). Hitmonlee, Lapras and Pikachu are from my Blue catridge.
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