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    Originally Posted by adamb241 View Post
    Here are some bugs:
    1. If you faint before reaching the first Pokecent you have to do the entire first part of the game again....
    2. When that happens and you pick a Pokémon you will then have two Pokémon instead of one....
    3. The man on the first Route is talking about Varidian City....
    4. How are you suppose to beat a gastly with Pokémon what only know normal type moves?
    5. Mapping errors in the first town....
    6. Mapping errors on the lakes in emerald park.

    I like it a lot your maps...
    1. I fainted plenty of times and didn't have to redo anything. I can't even find my way to the first pokemon center, I reach a dead end :/ Is it supposed to stop, like a demo?
    2. Didn't encounter this problem
    3. Yea
    4. Catch a doduo and use peck. You can get pokeballs from the assistant in the lab, in fact, you can keep getting them over and over.

    Anyway, I really like where this hack is headed, the maps are interesting and the starters were a great choice