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    hi everybody...this is my first post, but i got a boatload of ideas! Here's one I randomly made up!(Elite 4 Sam, you took my proffesor name! I'll use it anyways)

    Pokemon Vault of Secrets

    Hack of Silver

    Reign Name: Ankoku Islands

    Welcome to the small town of Khagon, built on the outskirts of the main Ankoku Island. Many of this reigon's greatest trainers had their start here. Here lives the all-important proffesor Prof. Maple. He is the best steel-type trainer around. The residents here favor dark and steel. Nobody knew that they would soon sink into the earth beneath them. One of seven organizations named Groundite, has taken control of the legendary ground pokemon Groudon(primary group.) The town has now been taken under control and need a hero. Their hero is a surprise.

    There are three organizations that are villans. You are sixteen and are heir to the Black Flare. Your quest is to end the other organizations and save the legendary pokemon. There's only one problem, everybody wants to be the leader's favorite. Everybody is standing in your way. Your character wishes to become a master trainer, not to follow your father.(others aren'tvery important)

    You start off in your house sleeping on your 10th birthday. You're awakened by your father returning home. He gives you a choice of 3 pokemon to start off your adventure. Your father offers: Glacie, Rilou, and Houndour. Choose whatever. You meet your two rivals Gwen and Jeffery. Choose who to battle and they will the last gym leader. The enemy organization with strike and you run out. You will be defeated by the Groundite leader.

    You start your quest given to you by your father and defeat Groundite for good. There are nine gyms and the Elite 5. Basic goal, defeat the other six organization and save the legendary pokemon. you also must win all badges and bet elite 5. Travel around islands and become the king of the Ankoku Islands!