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    Chapter 17- Stir of the Thunderstorm

    “But you haven't even explained any of this to me!” Eralynn yelled as she struggled to keep up with the Great Dragon.

    It seemed as if the long, green Pokemon did not hear what she had said, however, and simply kept moving. He slithered through the tunnel and out into the open.

    Eralynn looked around, seeing that everything was practically the same as when she had come inside the volcano before, but it was difficult to see, as it was much brighter outside than it had been inside the lair. “Please! I just want to know what's happening. Why do I have to be here with you right now?” she asked frantically.

    “Eralynn, trust me. Do you want to save Derelon City or not?” the dragon asked her.

    “Yes,” Eralynn replied quietly, feeling as if she still deserved to know more, even if the dragon guaranteed that he was going to help her save her city.

    “Then just do what I say. I mean that everything will be all right,” the Great Dragon said kindly, reassuring the fearful girl. Then, after a moment of comforting Eralynn, the dragon's tone changed. “Quickly, now, climb onto my back.”

    Eralynn gave him a surprised look, unable to envision herself riding a huge dragon. Regardless, she slowly approached him, and with some trouble, pulled herself onto the green dragon's slender back. She felt his hard, smooth scales on the way up and wrapped her arms around his body as best she could, although it was much too large to let her arms go all the way around.

    “Are you somewhat comfortable?” The Great Dragon turned his head all the way around to ask Eralynn.

    Looking sad and frightened, the small girl only nodded.

    “Hmm,” the Great Dragon said, noticing her mood. “Eralynn, do not worry. We will talk as we ride. I will explain much to you.”

    “Okay,” she replied softly. With this, Eralynn felt a little better, seeing as she would finally be taken from the dark. She had waited for what felt like ages to understand what the dreams meant and why she was on this journey. There was much to be told. However, then, she realized the other part of what the dragon had said. “Wait... ride?!” she asked, shocked.

    Before the Great Dragon could explain, though, he pushed off of the ground, and Eralynn felt a push downwards as the two of them sprang into the air. Eralynn nearly fell off from the force, but she managed to hang on as the dragon headed for the sky.

    “I would recommend holding onto one of my fans,” the Great Dragon told Eralynn as he concentrated on where he was going. “I use them to fly, you see, but they help me move through the air and change direction, so I don't need to flap them.”

    Eralynn didn't say anything, but reached forward and put each hand on two separate fans on the dragon's back. She did find it easier to stay on this way, as the flying fans acted as reigns or handles for her. She couldn't help but remain terrified, though, since she didn't even know what the dragon was up to.

    “Where are we going?” Eralynn yelled so that the Great Dragon could hear her.

    The gigantic Pokemon turned his head a little and said, “We are headed for the light you see in the sky.”

    Eralynn's eyes widened at the thought. “To that huge swirling cloud... thing?” she asked anxiously. Glancing down for a moment, she could see the river, the volcano, and Rhylan and Aerance, who now waited outside, becoming much smaller as she and the Great Dragon soared through the air.

    “Yes,” replied the dragon Pokemon. “You see, Eralynn, awakening the lightning is the last step. The others have already been stirred.”

    “The lightning? The others? What does that even mean?” Eralynn asked, becoming frustrated again.

    “Eralynn,” the Great Dragon began seriously, “There are guards for your great city. These three Pokemon will restore balance to the world, no longer allowing Team Devastation to hold the upper hand in this war. And, if all goes well, the war will soon fade and be finished.”

    “Who are the three guardians, then?” Eralynn asked as the wind of the skies whipped by her.

    “Well, they are the Wind, the Fire, and Lightning. They usually hibernate, and do so happily. That is, until there is a great need for them,” the dragon said. Then, he paused for a moment, letting Eralynn take the information in. “You see, I am the one that awakens them.”

    Eralynn thought for a moment. Her mind raced to something that seemed to be in the distant past for her. It was something that King Nevarro had told her about, and it was something very important. The realization came to her suddenly, as if she had been smacked in the face by the dragon's words.

    “So... you're... you're the Protector,” Eralynn said as if it was some sort of dream.

    “Hm,” the Great Dragon thought. “That is what your people call me, I suppose. So, yes. I am the Protector. I am the one that is said to prevent a great attack upon your city by telling the three guardians to go there and watch over it.”

    Eralynn said nothing, and instead thought about the King's words. “The Protector would need to be awakened...” That didn't make any sense to her. If the Great Dragon was the Protector and he was the one stirring the guardians, then what did that part of the prophecy mean?

    “I was told that the Protector would need to be awakened, not the guardians. That is my understanding of the prophecy, Great Dragon,” Eralynn explained.

    The dragon gave a faint smile, which Eralynn could see from his profile. “But, my dear Eralynn, I have been awakened.” He spoke no more for a little while, trying to let Eralynn figure it out for herself.

    She thought as she looked around her. She now saw clouds approaching quickly from above, and when looking down, she could no longer make out anything specific- not even the giant volcano. The two were also growing nearer and nearer to the massive white light in the sky, whose dark gray clouds still revolved slowly around it.

    Eralynn stared at the ball of light as she tried to understand what the dragon was saying. He had been awakened? How so? And, by whom? She did not understand, and searched her mind for any sort of clue.

    The dumbfounded girl recalled something curious that the dragon had told her, though. He had said that someone in her family alerted him of Eralynn's arrival in the future. The dragon had been informed that she was going to be seeking help in saving Derelon, and also, the dragon would not awaken the guardians unless informed that they were badly needed... She suddenly felt the excitement of coming to the solution of this odd riddle.

    Eralynn had awoken the Protector.

    The Great Dragon must have been told by Eralynn's relative only to release the guardians if Eralynn came to tell him they were needed. Otherwise, it was possible for just about anyone to gain control over the three powerful Pokemon- even members of Team Devastation. Eralynn could not help but wonder, however, who it was that the dragon was willing to listen to so well. How could any human have assured that such a frightening Pokemon would do what was asked?

    “I think I understand a little bit, now,” Eralynn admitted to the dragon Pokemon. “My alerting you of our great need for protection was what actually 'woke you.'”

    “Yes,” the Great Dragon responded, pleased with the fact that the girl on his back finally knew. “You see, language is quite a funny thing. Words can only go so far, and when trying to figure out the meaning of them, you often think literally. Humans, at least, do this often. Eralynn, knowledge is something that wake someone from slumber. It is something that can change things, and that is what you have done for me. I would have never released the final guardian had you not come to speak with me.”

    Eralynn nodded as the two of them passed through a white, fluffy cloud, much different than those surrounding their destination. “So, why are the other two lurking about?” she asked confusedly.

    “The Wind and the Fire are roaming about because I sent them to make sure the earth was not destroyed. That is really their primary goal, and when they are awake, they protect their respective elements. The Wind guards the water, wind, and ice, the Fire protects the sun, the earth, and the fire of life, and the Lightning the weather, the light, and the energy.

    “Those that threaten to destroy your home also threaten the very earth we all live on. They overuse natural resources too quickly for them to be available again, and they pollute the air and water with their sciences. The chemicals they use while attempting to make their Pokemon stronger are not good for the environment, and so, two guardians presently wander the earth, trying to help.

    “In fact, from what you have told me of your travels, it seems that you have already met one of the guardians. It was the Wind,” the Great Dragon explained.

    “The Wind?” Eralynn thought aloud. Where had she met a Pokemon that could control and protect water, wind, and ice? Then, she remembered someone that could use powerful, unbeatable water attacks. That must have been the Wind.

    “Is the Wind's real name... Suicune?” Eralynn asked the dragon.

    “Yes, it is. The Fire's real name is Entei and the Lightning's is Raikou,” the Great Dragon explained further.

    “Do you have a real name?” Eralynn inquired of the dragon.

    “I suppose I do, Eralynn,” he said. “It is Rayquaza, and means 'dragon of the sky.' I can see why the nicknames and real name would be confusing for you, though, so you may call me one name and stick to it, if you like.”

    Eralynn nodding and mentally noted that she would stick with the Great Dragon, as that was what she first knew to be the name of the long, green Pokemon. She then looked up to see that they had arrived at the cloud of light. It was so bright that it nearly blinded her, and now that she was closer to it, she could see sparks jumping out, as if it was a struggle to keep them contained in the great ball of energy.

    “Now, if you'll please plug your ears,” the Great Dragon requested.

    Eralynn did so, covering the sides of her head with her hands and watching to see what was going to happen. She saw the Great Dragon open his mouth, and soon, he let out a magnificent roar that the entire world could probably hear. Plugging her ears just wasn't enough, as she felt the sound waves of the roar nearly tearing her very mind apart.

    Her eyes remained opened, though, and she stared in astonishment as the dark gray clouds began to spread away from the sparking ball of white light. The roar had forced them to move away, uncaging the ferocious energy that once lay within. It was now fully exposed, and Eralynn had to squint to look at it. It was nearly as strong as the sun in its brightness, and likely much less stable in its ability to hold together.

    “Now, Eralynn,” the dragon spoke to her suddenly, startling her, “a lock was put on this guardian, so that only your voice will release it. You must speak these words to fully awaken the final one: 'Awaken the lightning, awaken the storm.'”

    A lock? Eralynn badly wanted to know how this was done, and who had done it, but it seemed that these questions could come later. “Awaken the lightning... awaken the storm!” She felt that she needed to shout these “magic words” for some reason.

    As soon as she had uttered the words, the felt the force of the wind increase dramatically. She had to hold onto the Great Dragon tightly as she was pushed backwards, away from the ball of energy. She watched as the clouds that had drifted back began to rise and spread all across the vast sky. Then, suddenly, the energy contained within the dense, bright ball was released all around Eralynn and the Great Dragon. Like the clouds, it moved across the heavens, allowing the dark sky to absorb the strong sparks. Eralynn let out a shriek at one point, thinking she was going to be hit by one, but the Great Dragon assured her that she was safe from danger.

    When the ball had shrunken considerably, having released most of its energy, Eralynn noticed something strange happen. The final bolt of lightning that escaped did not fly into the clouds, but down towards the ground. She watched it descend at amazing speed until she could no longer see it.

    “That is him,” the Great Dragon informed Eralynn, and the girl assumed that he meant the Lightning Pokemon. “Hold on tight,” the dragon told Eralynn, and with that, he dove down towards the earth, allowing the gravity to push his body even faster.

    Eralynn had to try very hard to stay on as she and the dragon whipped through the sky. Fortunately for her, the journey back to the land below was much faster than to the condensed lightning in the sky, and soon, she began to see the outline of the volcano, then the river, and eventually, Rhylan and Aerance, who were looking up to see when she would return.

    Before reaching the ground, however, Eralynn heard a loud crack in the sky. She had only heard thunder a few times in her life, but she was sure that this was it. Then, shortly after, a light rain began to fall, and Eralynn felt the drops hitting her back as she traveled downwards with the Great Dragon.

    She noticed something else on the ground that she hadn't previously seen, however. There appeared to be a large group of people or animals on the opposite side of the river from that of the volcano. Seen from above as a black, slowly-moving mass, Eralynn could tell that they were headed for the very bridge that she had taken before to cross the river. They were a little ways off, though, and most likely wouldn't make it to the volcano right away.

    “Who are they?” Eralynn asked, pointing to the moving group below.

    “That, Eralynn, is who Pidgeot warned me about previously. They are the reason that we had to release the Lightning right away. It is the fastest of the three guardians, and it will warn the Wind and the Fire immediately. We need all three of them right now...” the Great Dragon spoke emphatically.

    “Why is it that?” Eralynn asked, perplexed.

    The Great Dragon hesitated for a moment as he sped towards the earth, and then, looking back at Eralynn, said, “Because, the greatest battle in all of history is about to begin. Prepare yourself. They will need you too.”
    FanFic: Stir of The Thunderstorm (Please R&R.)
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