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I've just copied all those commands to my rubikon.dat using the rubikon2Keditor.

So, it'd be cool to make a more complete rubikon.dat and a manual on it (with the commands it has and its parameters with the info on what do they do) (and its equivalent for pokescript, if it exists AND is doable, else the authors could just port it)... It'd be great if we all collaborate with stuff we discover by ourselves, specially on the uncommon commands. Right now I'm trying to discover how does the 0xAA command work (creates a sprite). I don't even know how many parameters it has, but I already got the picture, the X and y coords, the behaviour (but it doesn't follow the usual values, gotta test that).

With a powerful and comprehensible command database, more powerful scripts can be done!

So I'm done with 0xAA, which creates a sprite on the map.
6 parameters:
BYTE: sprite picture
BYTE: ???
WORD: X coordinates
WORD: Y coordinates
BYTE: ??? Values higher than 0F cause every sprite to be invisible
BYTE: behaviour
Looks like no matter what, you can walk over the sprite and it has no script attached (

So, that, if anyone discovers new stuff through testing, it'd be cool to share, or is mastermind_X already doing it?

The behaviours for createsprite:
00 - look down
02 - look up
03 - look left
04 - look right
09 - walk on the spot down
0B - walk on the spot up
0C - walk on the spot left
0D - walk on the spot right
12 - walk+ on the spot down
14 - walk+ on the spot up
15 - walk+ on the spot left
16 - walk+ on the spot right
1B - walk++ on the spot down
1D - walk++ on the spot up
1E - walk++ on the spot left
1F - walk++ on the spot right
24 - walk+++ on the spot down
26 - walk+++ on the spot up
27 - walk+++ on the spot left
28 - walk+++ on the spot right
2D - run on the spot (hero) down
2F - run on the spot (hero) up
30 - run on the spot (hero) left
31 - run on the spot (hero) right
3F - spin and stop left
41 - spin and stop right
42 - spin and stop down
43 - spin and stop up
48 - four slow steps down on spot

Walk+++ is really fun to watch. Got to say, I tried to load walk+++ left, right and down at the same time and they didn't load correctly (lol, overflow?)
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