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    The colours are good - it would be hard to tell apart from the DP sprite.
    Here's an edited version with colours taken from the Sugimori art:

    I don't know whether you like those colours better, but I've decided I'm going to use Sugimori art colours - the DP colours (and to a lesser extent, the Advance colours) are too bright in my opinion. Besides, it fits better with the current OW palette. (I'm probably going to have several different OW palettes, used in different parts of the region.)

    Also, I've realised I've got the region's geographical location wrong, because I misinterpreted the shape of Johto, and therefore my region overlaps with Johto.

    To fix it, I'm just going to modify Johto. I have a sketch of the modified Johto map, which I'm going to scan and go over in the same way as the Shika map.