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Okay, time to settle this little dispute :p

We are remapping places, because nintendo left some places out completely, and made most routes a LOT smaller and ocasionally goofed around the connection data, so we are expanding an re-doing maps where they need to be and fixing connection data as needed. (For example, go look at how Route 1 and Viridian City connect in RBY vs GSC and then look at how they connect in SaR when you play it )

We will be using a lot of the unused maps to add in that elusive extra region we mentioned on the first post.

As to which legendaries will be obtainable


There WILL be Pokegods. We are only using the original 151+ (by 151+ I mean we are including the GSC Pokémon that were rumoured in RBY, such as Ho-oh and Togepy[rumour spelling] and Pikablu) There will be Pokegods. Without them, the Mist Stone would be a bit pointless wouldnt it? :p

Also that being said, with there being Pokegods and Missingno and whatnot catchable, we are disabling trading with other versions. This is merely a safety precaution, since the Pokegods would turn into other normal Pokémon and behave oddly on a non-hacked game, but trading will not be necessary since you will be able to catch 'em all on the one cartridge.

Another thing you may be wondering is: What about this new region? You mentioned it in the into but you haven't mentioned anything about it and what kind of Pokémon will be there? Well, the new region after Kanto is a secret, but we will tell you this for now:
It is a completely new region, not based off any other and not something we have seen before. It will have a seperate evil team from Team Rocket (but Kanto will still have Team Rocket obviously). And the Pokémon will mostly be RBY Pokémon, but there will also be some from other regions, such as Johto or Hoenn or Sinnoh. But that's all we will say for now.

As for the status of the beta, it is not ready yet, I have been fighting with my laptop here recently wanting to upgrade to XP from Vista (yes, you read that right XD) but I will get a lot of scripting and things done this weekend and we will see from there how it goes. But the beta is getting very close at hand. Pewter city is finished and I will be working on re-crafting the routes leading up to Mt Moon and Mt Moon itself, Nintendo butchered the poor things. Anyways, to everyone here, Happy Easter, and thank you all for the rumours and comments!
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