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    I'll go for maybe. The writers c a n evolve Pikachu if they want, but it most likely they w o n t let him evolve. Pikachu is the "mascot" of Pokemon, and oh no! It would be horrible if the main character of the anime doesn't carry one around... >.<

    And for myself, I would like Pikachu to evolve. Not because I like Raichu better than Pikachu, but because the Ep is s o unoriginal if they're just going to reminds us of why Pikachu doesn't want to evolve..

    But it's most likely it's going to be an Ep about, Pikachu losing a battle to a Raichu, Satoshi finding/getting a Thunderstone, Pikachu thinks about evolve, Pikachu (doesn't) evolve and beat the Raichu. The e n d .

    00.1% believe that, this static is real C: