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    Originally Posted by AExcalibur View Post
    And the Shaymin movie has Pikachu... Even though that could be canonically before this episode...

    Meh, I wondered that as well. Until I remembered the Lt. Surge episode. Neither Ash or Pikachu wants Pikachu to evolve, even if it's to get stronger. Chances are that Pikachu considers it but something happens and the evolution either is cancelled in the middle or just doesn't occur at all.
    no, the movie takes place long AFTER this episode. The bat thing that Ash has evolved, and somebody caught a swinub...

    neither of those events happened yet, there is no Raichuu known to be in the movie, and we STILL see Pikachuu & Ash in the same scenes in the movie.

    Pikachuu will not be evolving this time. But who knows what will happen in a more future episode?

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