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First of all I know he will not evolve. It's like replacing Ash or a member of Team Rocket. (Although they had no trouble replacing Misty and May). A much as I'd love this to happen, no, it just won't. Plus according to Bulbapedia,
the gang meet a trainer with a Pichu and Raichu and he thinks Ash's Pikachu is a wild one. So there will be a battle of electric mice.
omg I just realized how amazing it would be to have a Pikachu flashback where he remembers life as a Pichu and how he was caught by Oak, heh.

I haven't watched the anime for a long time, but if Pikachu did evolve i would probably re-start from there, I agree with Kansas, things need to be shaken up. However after seeing this movie trailer screenshot; there is a new Pokémon and a new evolution that have not been seen in the main series yet, not to mention there's still a Pikachu perched on Ash's shoulder. Not a Raichu.

[But yes, I'd love it to evolve, and evolve in a huge mega super amazing episode with the old, or at least better, VAs o.-]