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    Thanks, everyone! I ended up using the downloadable Pokédex data package from Legendary Pokémon, as it contained a text file which I could merge with my Moves.txt file to avoid having to write everything out manually.

    Anyway, I made two more animations: one of the Pokémon summary, and one of a battle, showcasing the new HP bar colouring.
    Sorry for the bad quality - this is because of the GIF format. But it's better than YouTube's quality (I think), so I'm sticking with it.

    The summary screen, with Pokémon and page-turning animations. Notice the egg shakes more when it's about to hatch.

    I scripted the HP bar colours to change gradually between green and red. You can see when the Pokémon has half of its HP remaining by the percentage (you used to have to rely on the colour), so I figured why not make the colouring smoother?

    Any comments?

    EDIT: DP move descriptions fit the space perfectly :D