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    There will be more Pokémon, I just haven't announced them yet. I'll be keeping a lot of them secret until you play the game.

    And Singing of God is broken - reducing by 2 stages is equal to halving that stat. Even Intimidate, which only lowers one stat by a single stage, is considered to be one of the best abilities.

    Anyway, Arceus already has Multitype ;)

    Flaming Wings (or just Flaming Wing because of the 12-letter limit) is an awesome idea, though. Maybe I could have it as a TM? Normal-types learning it by level-up just isn't quite right. Although Moltres, Ho-oh and Charizard should be able to learn it by level-up.

    EDIT: Making the move animations would take hundreds of times longer than scripting the HP bar.