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    For Unown Eye, there aren't any damaging ??? type moves - the only ??? type move is Curse.
    Prehistoric is an OK idea, but how does the effect have to do with the Pokémon being prehistoric?

    Yeah, I will give each letter a different effect.
    I think Smeargle and Ditto should keep their only move, as what else could Ditto do apart from transform? Also, even if it had other moves, it wouldn't be able to use them after it transformed. As for Smeargle, it can already learn virtually any other attack (except for Chatter, as it can't change its cry, and eventually, Glyphic Power, as it doesn't have a letter).
    Giving Sketch to other Pokémon would be a bad idea, because Mew and Togekiss are already very powerful. Could you imagine how broken they'd be if they could learn any move? And how is Unown supposed to sketch something anyway? It has no hands :S

    Anyway, I made the animation for the Pokémon icons when they are affected by a status condition, as on Diamond/Pearl.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, the egg hatched :D