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    I was looking around for tilesets of Sinnoh, I had to edit my last statement because of this. I wasn't going to do Sinnoh because of the availability of a actual Sinnoh tileset but it's up in the air with the Sinnoh Region. So it's not etched in stone about that region being in the game or not. I want to put it in there, don't get me wrong but that will come around later.

    As for the Orre and Fiore situation, due to the knowledge of the Fiore region not having any gyms and being a no Pokemon Trainer fly zone when it comes to catching Pokemon, there's a strong possibility that it won't be in the game. Orre doesn't have an Official gyms or a league but it has stadiums, so it's a strong candidate. We'll see in the future, what happens.

    I'll return with more updates and screenshots in duetime...

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