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here's my idea(i like lavitar and tyranitar, that's why they can know it)

Attack: Shadow Haunt
Type: Dark
Power: 120
Acc: 80
PP: 10
Can be learned by: Tyranitar, and basically all dark pokemon
Description: Hits all pokemon at once in a double battle. Sends a wave of darkness and slices its opponent.


Attack:Ground Whirlpool
Type: Ground
Power: --
Accu: 90
PP: 25
Can be learned by: any ground pokemon
Description: traps a pokemon in a hole in the ground. does 15 dam. each turn for 5 turns


Attack: Dragon Blast
Type: Dragon
Accu: 70
Power: 150
PP: 5
Can be learned by: Palkia
Level: 75
Description: creates a large ball of energy in its mouth and blasts it forward. Must recharge after using it.

that cool. game looks awesome!

hoho, i am a genius!