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Type: Normal
PWR: --
PP: 10
Can be only used when opponent is attracted. Damages opponent 1/4 their max HP per turn. Ending opponent attraction if successful. Opponent can't be now attracted.

GEYSER <Special>
Type: Water
PWR: 70
PP: 15
10% chance of burning the opponent. If user used other water attack in next turn, this attack have 30% chance of making the opponent flinch.

NECROMANCY <only for Giratina>
Type: Ghost
PWR: --
PP: 5
Halves user's total HP and half revive one of knockout user's friend. User can't use this attack now.

ANNIHILATION <Special> <only for Arceus>
Type: Dragon
PWR: --
PP: 5
35% chance of make opponent faint; doesn't work on higher leveled Pokemon.

Type: Dark
PWR: --
PP: 15
User make opponent to use against itself randomly opponent's Psychical or Special move; raising user's Sp. Attack by 1 stage.


DARK MIND - Gives immunity to Psychic-types moves, raises power of user's Dark-type moves. . <for some ghost/dark pokemons>
TAMER - When user fight with high evolution level opponents, user's moves does 25% more damage.
LIGHT HEARTH - When user fight with Dark- or Ghost-type opponents, user's moves does 25% more damage. Every Dark- or Ghost-type user's moves, now are Normal-type.

Also i rename some my old ideas. I have some questions.

1. Can i breed pokemons in your game?
2. What you want do with PICK-UP ability?
3. When i give my pokemon to Mystery Gift file, i lose this pokemon?
4. Ability PREHISTORICAL does something against legendary pokemons?

PS. I don't give Accuracy for most of my ideas moves because i think, it's for your decision.