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    HEARTHBRAKE first negates attraction, second work like ghost Curse.
    I actualize my old post, there are 1 new move < "Voodoo"> and 3 new abilities .

    Type: Water
    PWR: 80
    PP: 5
    Does additional damage for Fire- and Flying-type pokemons. Move power and accuracy is raised during effects of Rain Dance. Causes 1/16 max HP to both Pokemon unless they are Water, Ice, Dragon or Electric types. 10% chance to paralyze both pokemons. Electric-type pokemons are unaffected for that move.

    Type: Fire
    PWR: 15
    PP: 10
    Doubles in power with each consecutive hit, resets it it misses. If opponent Speed is less like user Speed, Vulcano can't be evaded. After 5 turns, automatically resets move power. 10% chance to induce opponents burning. After succesfull hit, if opponent have Ground-type immunity, they lose it. In 2vs2 battle, if in play was Heatran, this move does double damage for all pokemon in play excepting Entei and Heatran.

    Type: Flying
    PWR: 115
    PP: 5
    50% chance to freeze opponent. 30% chance of raise user's Speed by 2 stage's. Induce Hail effects. Attack on first turn , recharge on second.

    Type: Ice
    PWR: 90
    PP: 5
    Disable all Flying-type moves and change Flying-type pokemons in play to Normal-type. If pokemons, excepting Articuno and other Ice-type pokemons, stays in battle it will fall asleep on the following turn. 15% chance of heal user's 1/5 max HP.

    Type: Electric
    PWR: 100
    PP: 5
    Change user's Electric-type to opponent's type. User have now immunity to Electric-type. Lowers opponent's Accuracy by 1 stage. All user's Electric-type moves have now better accuracy. This move can't be used in next turn.

    Type: Fire
    PWR: --
    PP: 5
    Negates all weather effects. For 4 turns: Increases power of Fire attacks by 50%; Causes 1/10 max HP to both Ice-type and 1/12 max HP to both Water-type Pokemons; Prevents Freezing; Disable Water- and Ice-type moves ; When pokemons use Grass-type damage moves, does 1/4 damage itself; Raises Fire-type pokemons Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense by 1 stage. This move can't be used now in this battle. Disable now other "weather effects" in this battle. Can't be cancelled.

    Type: Normal
    PWR: 55
    PP: 10
    If opponent have any stats better like user, user have now that stat the same like opponent. Does additional damage for each raising stats. Does double damage , when opponent it's Dark-type.

    Type: Normal
    PWR: --
    PP: 15
    Move does damage balance with power with best opponent Physical or Special move. 30% chance of raise user's Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense by 1 stage. Does 50% more damage if opponent's Sp. Attack is less like user's Sp. Attack.

    Type: Normal
    PWR: 50
    PP: 20
    50% chance of attract opponent. If opponent is attracted in earlier turn, and be immobilized with love, this move does double damage to opponent and lowers opponent Attack and Sp. Attack by 1 stage.


    STORM RIDER - Gives user resistances for Water- and Ice-type moves.
    FIRE RIDER - When user use any Fire-type attack, user have 50% chance to heal user's 1/16 health.
    WIND RIDER - When user use any Flying-type attack, raise user's Sp. Attack by 2 stages.
    GLACIAL MIND - User can't lose him resistances and immunities.
    LIGHT SKY - Pokemon's accuracy cannot be reduced by the opponent. [ Field Action - TM FLASH]
    PHOENIX TEAR - Negates all "friends" status effects when switched out.
    IMP OF NATURE - User have immunity for one randomly type.