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    Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
    I have one word, wow.
    The only problem would be finding the correct patterns for some trainers, though I don't think it's that big of a deal. This is awsome, i've already changed half a dozen trainers. The next step for the people who are searching for this stuff is to find the scripting patterns and what commands do what. But thats a bit more harder.

    Thanks heaps thethethethe.
    The scripting patterns, may be harder. I've been looking for the way pointers are set out and I can't solve it. And without that, it's a little harder to find scripting patterns.

    I just updated the first post a bit. I found a few bytes for the Base Stats in GBA, and I'm assuming that they are the same in NDS. And they look like they fit so I've decided that they are right. I also added meanings to one or two bytes in the Attack Data aswell.