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    Aura Sense
    Type: Fight
    PP: 30
    Power: --
    Accuracy: --
    Raises speed and increases chance to dodge.

    Energy Field
    Type: Fight
    PP: 15
    Power: --
    Accuracy: 85
    The user creats a pink ball of verying power form 5-120, the more powerful the move is the bigger the ball is.

    Spider Ball
    Type: Bug
    PP: 20
    Power: 80
    Accuracy: 100
    The user makes a ball out of spider web, if hit the target has 40% chance of beeing poisend.

    Final Stand
    Type: ???
    PP: 5
    Power: --
    Accuracy: 70
    The user attacks the enemy with thier most powerfull stat (excluding hp and speed) and does hp damage according to thier stat, and after the attack (even if the user misses) the user faints.

    ATK 390
    DEF 400
    SPATK 450
    SPDEF 400

    the user attacks with special attack since it is 450 and deals the opponent 450 hp of damage.