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    I need someone that can make a region maps - URGENT!!!

    ~~Hack name~~
    Pokemon Pitch Black

    ~~Hack of~~

    Hi, hello, Hola, czesc, bonjour, elo, miha, etc, etc. Although this is the first hack I'm the owner of, I hope this comes out pretty good. Howgh boss, howgh.

    When you and your parents are invited to the Spero Islands by Lance's father, Professor Frank, on the night before you go there you have a vision. In there you see Ho-Oh, Shadow Lugia and makes everything strange.
    When you finally get there, you find out that the communist Team Darkill has terrorised the region, who want to create Shadow Lugia with the power of have to stop them.

    - Fakemons!
    - Shadow Lugia!
    - Darkrai and Ho-Oh!
    - New maps!
    - Other stuff I forgot about!

    mechu95 - maps, Fakemons, owner
    wolverfrog - scripter

    I'm looking for:
    - a scripter
    - someone who can do the title screen (and everything before) and credits
    - a spriter (OW, Trainers, and Fakemon sprites

    Apply form:
    I can do:
    Proof of skills:
    Past experience:

    Anyone can help making them. Also when I get around to doing some sprites, I'll add a link to the Fakedex. Also, the Fire Starter is mine, buahaha, howgh.

    ~~Darkill Tyrants and Insane Four~~
    In my hack there is no Gym leaders and E4. Remember the communist Team Darkill? The toughest of them are the gym leaders, the Commanders are the Insane Four, and Darkill Leader is me, for the normal Leader. Why am I writing this? Because YOU get to be one of the DT or I4! Here's the apply form:
    In-game name:
    Position: (as in Darkill Tyrant 4, or Insane Four 2)

    Another thing - you'll get to choose the Pokes when the Fakedex is full. HEre's the list of positions:
    Darkill Tyrant 1
    Darkill Tyrant 2
    Darkill Tyrant 3
    Darkill Tyrant 4
    Darkill Tyrant Richie Darkshadow (Rebel Charizard)
    Type: Dark
    Darkill Tyrant 6
    Darkill Tyrant 7
    Darkill Tyrant Lakitu: (dark lakitu)
    Type: Grass

    Insane Four Multitype: (ksunwoo6)
    Type: Normal
    Insane Four 2
    Insane Four DC-93: (darkcookie_93)
    Type: Dragon
    Insane Four SPF13: (Shinypkmnfan13)
    Type: Ice

    Darkill Leader Robbie: (mechu95)
    Type: Any

    And another reminder...I'm also posting this thread on another forum, so please don't moan and whine if I put someone else in the place you wanted to be in.


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