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    Originally Posted by mechu95 View Post
    Ok, here is my idea for a hack of...a Pokemon game. Here it is:

    Pokemon PitchBlack

    Region name: Spero

    Intro: A strange-looking Pokemon has come from the's shining like a giant piece of the brightest gold. Although it is still high up in the sky, Ash could see it glitterng even from where he was standing, in the town of Pallet, sitting on the roof of his house and thinking...what will he do now? What will he do, after losing the final match of the Pokemon League in Sinnoh...And when he saw the brilliant piece of gold in the sky, he stood up. He sure seen the Pokemon, in fact the Pokemon ws his guide where to go next. And he was flying in a different direction than when he seen it last...he actually never seen it fly that way. He was flying south-west...but then he thought again. Every time he's followed the strange golden bird, he lost in the final match of that Pokemon League. No. He decided to stay, at least for now...
    That night he had a vision. A horrible one. Not one of those nightmares you get when you have Haunters around when they don't want you in there, but that one was so real and so unpleasant, that it couldn't be JUST a dream. In the dream he's seen darkness...not the kind of darkness you get when you turn the lights off in your bedroom at night, but literally pitch-black darkness. And then there was two bright points - one as silver as a samurai's blade, the other as gold as...the golden Pokemon he's seen on the top of his house. He was shuddering. The lights were getting closer and closer, and they suddenly stopped. Then the golden light disappeared, and the silver one was getting closer and closer, and at the same time it was turning the same pitch-black colour that everything else was...and then a beaky head sprang out, it's eyes red as blood, skin the shade of the darkest purple, and the only evidence of the silver was the trim around it's 3 sharp, pointed scales coming out of its head. Then he woke up. He sat up, sweating and breathing extremely fast, and suddenly he knew. He had to go where the golden bird was heading...

    That's the intro, but I propobally won't put it in the game, just post it in the hack thread when I make the thread. Ok but the next thing, you start the game off in Aduro Town, where you meet Professor Frank, who is the father of...Lance from Kanto! Though he doesn't want to tell of his past...anyways. He tells you about the bad things happening in Spero, about the cruelty of Team Darkil and tells you about your mission - to stop their leader...and there is an earthquake, and the sun goes out. It will be dark for a looong time. The Professor gives you the starter and tells you to hurry. Although he doesn't say anything about Gims, Pokemon League, Elite Four, Indigo Plateau, or whatever! That's because, instead of gym leaders, there will be Darkil Tyrants, and at the end there will be the Four Massacreres, then the Darkil Leader. You also meet up with...guess...guess...MISTY!!!

    NOTE: I'm not willing to changing it to May - For one, I'm a Pokeshipping fan, for two, I think MAy is a kiddish b[beep]tch, and for three, I wanna get some links with Kanto and the Anime, and Misty is a big part of it. And anyway, Misty's been around there for all of Kanto and Johto, and May only for Hoenn. I wish Misty didn't go...

    Misty will also do a fair bit of quests with you. She'll be your rival, she'll help you in a few quests involving double battles, and she'll be the one to help you in the legendaries quest. And the last thing I can think of right now: quite a few fakemons, and I also hope I'll get around to do a few fakemons, although it will definately not be fully Fakemons.

    So, whaddaya think? Only constructive critisism please, and please, don't go flaming about "ZomGGG oKkkaszipinn suXx mAAAyY roolz", why, I already said.

    Charizard out.
    A shining flying pokémon?
    Do you mean Ho-Oh from the 1th episode?

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