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    Super-Special-Awesome thread revival! Time to flaunt Achan's new decklist!


    Monsters: (20)

    -Wandering Hero x2
    -Wandering Vampire x2
    -Wandering Shinobi x3
    -Wandering Healer x2
    -Wandering Beast x3
    -Wandering Dragon-Muthaba x2
    -Wandering Mage x2
    -Wandering Rogue x2

    Spells: (17)

    -Limit Break-Mega Flare x1
    -Limit Break- Cosmos Eterna x2
    -Limit Break-Omnislash x1
    -Limit Break-Bestialize x1
    -Limit Break-Beat Rush x1
    -Limit Break-All Creation x2
    -Limit Break-Great Gospel x1
    -Limit Break-Mimic x1
    -Foolish Burial x2
    -Monster Reborn x1
    -Dimension Fusion x1
    -Excalibuster-Blade of the Wandering Hero x2
    -Wandering Party x1

    Traps: (6)

    Arrival of Wanderers x2
    RfTDD x2
    Mirror Force x1
    Torrential Tribute x1


    Wow, that was a hard deck to build. 0.o Well, thank goodness there's a lot of deck thinning going on as a we build up to an RftDD or Dimension Fusion finish, eh?

    By the way, place yer bets: Who will win, Achan or Nicholas?

    x x x x