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    Hi there! I'm Jynx Middata and I'm here to present you with Pokemon Garnet!

    This game was supposed to be made with RPG XP but it won't let me download. Anyone want to take that job? This game will be made in English, like me.

    Pokemon Garnet is situated on the quiet island of Sinbaru, west of Kanto. You are a trainer going to the island in hope of graduating from its school - Garnet High.

    This is your first day at Garnet High. You get off of the boat and walk to the school. Once inside the school you go to the reception and get to pick from three pokemon [New ones. Need someone to do them] for your starter. (In the screenies I use Cubone) The receptionist tells you that the previously unoccupied Headteacher’s slot has been filled and for you to go and introduce yourself to her. You go into her room through the doors to the left and you see another person. You talk to them and make friends. The Head addresses you both and gives you your timetables. After that things start going strange. Team Darkness Grunts keep patrolling the school and the school pet, Celebi, get’s stolen! Who’s behind all of this? It’s up to you to find out.

    This game features (if anyone wants to make it):
    • New Pokemon
    • New setup (if possible)
    • More moves (if possible)
    Character info:

    This is the heroine. If she is your friend she is called Lucy.

    This is the hero. If he is your friend he is called Darrien.

    This is Caroline, The Head teacher a.k.a Team Darkness Leader Madam Boss.


    Fakemon creator (The Genesonia Region)
    Scratch spriter
    Game Maker (one person only)
    Move maker
    Ability maker

    Hope you like it.
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