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    I don't see anything against a sign-up... sooooo... heres my chara... hopefully you don turn down this profession i got

    Name: Darius Loria
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Profession: Ritualist
    Channelers of otherworldly energies, these energies are transfered to binding spells that create a stationary creature. These energies can also be transfered to weapon spells, that'll enhance an ally or selfs weapon to do many extra things. Next to this they can use these energies to deal direct damage to people w/ lightning type spells. At times the Ritualist may call upon the energies of great ritualist of the past, and call forth their ashes, that can aid them in many ways, while being held or even after dropped.

    Primary Weapon: The Nasek serpent dagger, he bought it off of a website one day, and found it to be off perfect use in battle, allowing him to get close to enemies, summon spirits, and give himself the lovely bonuses of his weapon spells. The dagger has many similarities to a serpent, first to note is its curvy blade, next the very hilt of the dagger are snakes that twist together forming one at the head of the hilt.

    Elemental Affinity: Lightning

    Description: An almost completely average kid, except for what his studies have done to him. He is an olive color, and has shoulder length straight red hair, that is up in a ponytail. He wears a black bandana around his eyes, it is part of his studies but he is in fact blind ,but his studies have taught him that being blind has proved to be an advantage. He wears mostly skinny jeans and band-tees. The band-tees usually being bands link, An Cafe, Send out scuds, Less than Jake, and other ska, punk, or j-rock bands. His kicks on the other hand were custom made, they are a pair of flat tops, pure black from top to bottom, but on each side one can see the white fiend skull, and on the top of the shoes, where laces are normally found are half of a fiend skull, and when the shoes are still side by side, it makes a complete fiend skull.

    Personality: A very self-aware pereson, who knows you "Gotta do what you gotta do." He is very open to people, and will not turn his back on anyone, he is there for anyone who needs him, and will always be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen with. He is very strong willed, and has faced his blind problem for over a few years, but whos to say he dosen't break down every once in a while. He isn't exactly a smooth talker around the ladies, and can get a tad shy around them.

    Pain- Binding Spell; Creates a Lvl 1 Spirit that deals 5 dmg, life span is 30 secs.
    Brutal Weapon- Weapon Spell; Target Ally or Self for 15 seconds get +5 dmg while not under an enchantment
    Blood Song- Binding Spell; Creates a Lvl 1 Spirit who dies after 30 secs, and its attack steals 5 health.

    Note: All green areas increase as he excels in knowledge, and learns more spells as well.

    History: Born to a family line of Ritualist that have attended the Lancaster school. He was first brought into the world of the ritualist at the age of 14, this is where his family was giving him private study. When he reached the age of 16 and gained the binding ritual "Blood Song," his grandfather, his personal teacher, though it was time he attended Lancaster. It was the very next day he had him shipped off, from their prestiges house in Manchester, England.

    Additional Information: Loves literature, and has taken a fond notice to the works of Dante and Vergilius. He loves all of the ancient works, from the times of ancient rome, to the romantic period of the Americas. He also takes an interest in religion, not practicing, but study. He has spent two years, since his beginning practices of Ritualism studying Taoism, and Catholicism. He has recently took more religions under his belt and has considered them all very interesting

    Roleplaying Example:
    Smiling, Jack made his way down the halls, his white tuxedo freshly washed and pressed. He managed to get this done on his way here. "Well so far, it looks nice... can't wait to see how much damage I can do for now," he says looking side to side.

    He continues down one hall, he already was familiar with the halls, considering he spent a week studying the blue prints of the building, of course this is assuming they didn't change the layout. Soon he makes his way straight to Mr. Jordins office.

    He gets to the door, and find it to be unlocked, "Well that is rather depressin, i wanted to pick the lock and get in," he says to himself disappointingly. He looks around the office, "Ain't to shabby, hey maybe I can convince this Jordin guy to give me his office." he says to himself as he makes his way to Mr. Jordins desk.

    At his desk he does a quick scan, looking for anything valuable, "Shoulda put clepto," he says shrugging coming across a nice letter opener, "oh well!" He throws his suitcase on the desk and opens it, putting the letter opener into it.

    There is a sudden jingle at the door, and in comes Mr. Jordin, "Who might you be?" he asks looking at Jack very oddly. "Tha names Corvenik," he says reaching his hand out to shake. Mr Jordin reaches out and shakes his hand, "You must be Jack Turel then, welcome to the school. I will go get your schedule right now." he says going through a few files.

    Jack watches him, half bored, half wanting to stab him in the back of the neck. "So, what are tha people like here, any party animals?" Jack asks closing his suite case hopeing Mr. Jordin never saw the bags that were inside it, and his letter opener.

    Mr. Jordin finally finds the schedule, and hands it to Jack, "Alright Mr. Turel, you will have to head to Session room 3-202, you will be meeting your counselor." Jack nods, "Alright well see ya!" he says grabbing his suite case, "Oh yeah, and heres my card if ya ever need to get ahold of me, my cell number is on it," he throws the card onto the desk and makes a quick exit out.

    "Meet my counselor?" Jack says pausing really quick, "That should be fun, come walkin up into there with my suitcase, maybe I can sell him some crack, maybe some meth." He makes his way to the room, "Feels like I should sing a song," he then says trying to kill the boredom of walking alone, "Dopeman dopeman's got another big plan
    to sell it to you or anyone he can
    because this is much better than minimum wage
    no matter how things work he's still gonna get paid" he sings while playing the air trumpet, all on his way to Sessino room 3-202
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