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    WOW, IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE WE'VE UPDATED YOU GUYS O.o. (I'll give you an I owe you ^.^).

    Let's just cut to the chase by saying, for those who have played the first demo, YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY WHEN YOU PLAY YHE SECOND ONE WE PLAN TO RELEASE AFTER THE SECOND DUNGEON IS COMPLETE, which we will get to soon, but we have to finish up the areas that lead to Level-2 so we can do the dungeon O.O.

    Here's a new screenshot of the second new area:
    PRETTY ISN'T IT >=).

    List of updates:
    -Engine Changes/Tweaks/Improvements/Edits/Revisements.
    -MEGA LOAD of bugs fixed.
    -Many suggestions have been done, and we have some new enemies, new techniques for Link, and a special item you will collect throughout the game =).
    -New areas.
    -Improved some graphics.
    -Saving updates.

    The trailer we talked about earlier is still comin' soon, so hang tight =).
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