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I can't remember the levels.. but we'll have about level.

Blastoise (about 50)
Venusaur (about 50)
Charizard (about 50)
Pidgeot (about 50)
Zapdos (about 50)
Alakazam (about 70) <- I took the whole league with this guy MAAAANY times.

Pidgeot (about 55)
Dragonite (about 60)
Meganium (about 60)
Alakazam (66)
Hitmonchan (70)
Snorlax (51)
+Some other high level pokemon that weren't in my party. (Gyarados, flareon etc.)

I just love Alakazam and Pidgeot for some reason. I wasn't happy with my crystal team. And you have level 100 pokémon? LOL, that's a damn high level. I don't have the patience to do that i think.
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