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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    I'll fix that sign as sonn as possible ;)

    I've maked a new script with Jesse and james in Black forrest with the officale thema song tekst + battle and other funny stuff ^^ in this video you'll see the new heroine Overworld (Credits to WAH/Cloud)(recolerd by me) the new jesse OW + sprite Credits to Sergio--(recolord by me) and the new james OW (made by me) and a lot more ;) Enjoy the video
    (My bad: there standing pokemon thunder emblewm i.p.v Thunder emblem ;) SoZ type mistake)
    but that whas all people

    Wow, the new script looks good. But in the end, when jessy, james and meowth jump with the smoke with their feet, is that supposed to look like that they fly up in the air?

    Anyway, keep it up!

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