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    Ladys and Gentlemen, girls and boys, Pokémon and Fakemon.
    Be prepared for pure awesomeness.
    People who are easily afraid, please leave.

    JK lol^^

    Well, I have this IMO great story idea for a great Pokémon game.
    But I don´t have much skills in game making (except the basics in RPGmakerXP), and so I´m looking for someone (or even a team) who wants to create this for me. (I have a hero and some other NPCs, yaay^^)

    The story:
    You are a young boy who goes to the Ranger School. You take the exam (tutorial) and get your license. Then you can choose a starter (I was thinking of some questions like in Mystery Dungeon...) The current starters are Makuhita, Murkrow and Abra (Abra HAS attacks in this game^^). Now you have to take some Missions like in the original Ranger game. After some missions the real story beginns...

    You hear that a Scientist/ Team/ both talking about a misteryous Land, where no humans exist. There are just Pokémon. All kind of Pokémon.
    The legend says that this land was created by THE Pokémon. The ultimatePokémon itself... (look @ the name if ya don´t know which^^)

    And so they want to find this land, to get the DNA of all legendairies to create the most powerfull Pokémon (maybe the evil team is TR...)
    Now you have to stop them (what else^^).

    After some more missions and battles with the evil team you come to a mountain top, where 3 Pokémon guard a Hole (the 3 Pokémon won´t be spoiled here^^). In this hole there´s the entrance to the secret land (not very creative, I know -.-)
    Now try and stop them...

    So, this is the story so far.
    Now to the battles:
    The hero fights himself, with the starter on his side. Instead of magic, your partner gets new attacks. You get other Pokémon; When you complete a mission and the boss was, let´s say, a Snorlax, you get the Skill "Snorlax". When you use it, you see a snorlax attacking the enemy. (I hope you understand this...^^)
    And maybe you get two other Pokémon in your party too (I was planing this on RPG maker XP, so...)

    I have three guest characters (friends) and their missions
    and I have the hero.

    So if anyone wants to make this game, reply or PM me. (but please don´t use this without my permission)

    If ya want to make it, I only have one condition (I think it´s called like that...): I want to have the "rights". That means that you can tell me your ideas, but I have to say Yes before they come into the game (may sound harsh, but hey, I´m open to everything^^)

    Waiting for an answer,

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