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    Well, this is my first game and im making it using the pokestarter kit of Poccil
    (Thanks Poccil!)

    Edited: (LOL I edited all the page xD)
    1-The story

    Pokemon The Magma Stone

    1-The Story of the region Phagen
    Ten years have passed since the world was saved thanks to Dawn and Lucas from the legendaries Dialga and Palkia... but in those days, an ancient, legendary wake up from its dream, also called as the magma dragon...
    A year later from its awaken, from the depths of the ocean, millions of volcanos were rising and erupting, covering the ocean... A new region was created...
    People start to move to the new region that was called Phagen (I dont know why i called Phagen ')
    The people live for 9 years in a laidback life... until when there were a lot of earthquakes, breaking the ground and the mountains... the region was starting to sank...
    People were trying to escape but nobody had come to rescue them.
    The most experimented professor that moved to the region with his son/daughter know what was happening, the Magma Dragon was awaken...
    The legend said that when the creator of the land wakes from his dream, the "Dreamers" have to awake from its large dream to stop the destruction and put to sleep the creator of the land... but for that, a noble person have to get a mystic stone named Magma Stone and take it to the only awaken dreamer... but wait, Where is the last dreamer awaked? well, an evil organization had stolen it for using in some experiments and trying to collapse the time and space to call the god pokemon... ¬¬ what a trouble!
    Now its the turn of the son/daughter of the professor Arthur to rescue the last dreamer, get back the magma stone (hehe, you have to beat the elite four for get the stone, cause is the prize when you beat them xD), awake the sleeping dreamers (are 3 and they wouldnt be happy when you awake them) and confront with the Magma Dragon to prevent region Phagen destruction...
    Can you do it? (im not... im lazy X3)

    2- Features
    -A new whole region
    -A bunch of new pokemons! more than 350 made by me.
    -Some features? (i will see that later ¬¬)

    (No... thats a bad name xD... its a temporal name xD)
    A 12 years boy with a stubborn personality, 'cause of that, he always is in trouble and can be killed one day... just kidding xD
    He and his father are from the Sinnoh region, he move to Phagen when he was 5 years old...
    He loves pokemon and he is anxius to get his first pokemon... or maybe the last one...
    -Daten (Why i chose odd names for my characters ¬¬)
    a 13 years teenage girl, her crazy personality makes her be a little naughty and adventurous, she loves to get in trouble and climb mountains.
    She wants a pokemon for go with her to the tallest mountain in Phagen... but...
    it looks she has another task to do first...
    -Arthur (I was thinking in my cousin arturito xD)The most professional professor in whole Sinnoh has moved to the Phagen region with his son and daughter to study the pokemon...
    until one day he get a pokemon named Lordeon from an old friend. When he was going to his hometown, was attacked by a green haired woman and a large coat man, then they stole Lordeon...

    In the region Phagen, you can start with one of 5 pokemons:
    Ticky (grass), Whimp (fire/ghost), Stylox (water), Hondew (electric) and Akiba (ground)
    (I sux at drawing T.T i dont like how they looks!)


    note: ' it looks bad!
    special: Defense
    A pitcher-form pokemon that loves to be near rivers
    -002-Dekot grass/rock
    -003-Dedante grass/rock


    note: this pokemon looks edited in photoshop ¬¬ looks so bad the coloring!
    special: Attack
    A torch-form pokemon that is scaried of dark
    -005-Firowom Fire/ghost
    -006-Smylfirom Fire/ghost


    not: looks kind of bad its coloring
    special: Speed
    Kind-Marine fox
    A marine fox pokemon that sleep only 2 hours.
    -008-Slydoom water/steel
    -009-Sacredox water/steel


    note: Im so lazy to draw it...
    special: Sp. Attack
    A round pokemon that has a big mouth
    -011-Brathe electric/dragon
    -012-Brokadew electric/dragon

    013- No named (any idea?)
    (I have changed the starter cause it looked horrible ¬¬)

    special: Sp. Defense
    A small cub with sharp claws to open hives and get the sweet combee's hive
    -014-No named too! ground/normal
    -015-No named too! ground/normal

    well, the story its large but i kind dont like it xD but well...
    comment please!
    i need to know if its ok...
    (uff! im tired ¬_¬)
    Actually... this game is canceled...xD
    cause im going to do a better game with a better story xD

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