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    Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post
    Thanks for fixing em, by the way how do you replace hex values in a ROM of say 10 bytes?
    To read the string of 10 Bytes:

    String = ReadHEX(ROMLocation, Offset, 10)

    To write a string of 10 Bytes:

    WriteHEX ROMLocation, Offset, Right("00000000000000000000" & Data, 20)

    You see, you need to use the number of Bytes times 2, for the number of 0's you need to use. So, for 15 Bytes, you need 30 0's. the same goes for the number at the end.

    Hope that helped.
    Sorry, again, could you give me an example, ok, if I want to put hex values "47BC89097378" at 0x800000 how do you do it?
    I dont quite understand the procedure
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