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    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    Why is it a prize for the Elite 4? Why don't they go and put the Pokémon (some weird kind of Groudon? The thing in your sig has Groudon's hand) to sleep themselves?
    If you go here, and scroll right to the bottom, you'll see that there is a Magma Rock in D/P. Maybe you could involve that in the game?
    And your Pokémon names aren't the best - they don't have much to do with the Pokémon itself. And there's a Hondew Berry already
    I dont even know why the main character have to get that stone for to wake that legendaries (i was sleepy and tired... math homework is just terrible ¬¬)
    And yeah, that pokemon looks like groundon, i made it 2 years ago... a few months i found the drawing and want to make a game with that crappy fakemon (just for fun )
    I already know about that there is an already rock named magma stone (i got Heatran last year) but when i chose the game title, I forgot that was already a rock named like that xD but it looks a great idea to involve that rock maybe Heatran? (i dont know... Im stupid with anything about writing stories
    mmm... You're right, my pokemon names dont even matches with them O_o ticky is a pitcher-form pokemon... it was supossed to be like a tribal or hawaiian mask but i drew it like a pitcher xD
    And about Hondew is cause i like the name (i already know about the berry)... but you are all right!! then i'll think better names for all characters O_O
    Thanks for the comment xD you really help me :3
    mmm... maybe i'll need some changes in the storyline xD

    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    I am Casey Jones, one of the creators of Pokemon Zenith. Thank you for looking at our post and also for your comments. Since you were good enough to look at ours, I thought I should do the same for you. I was quite surprised to see your game, with it's story line and it's 350 new Pokemon, it is quite a jewel. If you should need any help, my friends and I would be happy to assist.
    Thanks! if i really need help im going to ask you ok?
    thanks again
    Actually... this game is canceled...xD
    cause im going to do a better game with a better story xD

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