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right, i'll help script mabye.
i'm okay at it, still learning, but hey, rome wasn't built in a day, it was built at night! sorry, bad jokes aside, i can-

-basic word script, you know, like make someone have a convo with you
-incorporate trainers name into script
-change text colour
-make a yes/no question
-make a give pokemon script- eg make an old man give you a growlithe lv 5 holding a potion, then if you speak to him again he asks how is it and dosn't give you another thanks to the wonder that are flags!
-probably make a give item script, not much difference
-learning how to applymovement at mo
-next goal, to script wild battles!

so, yeah, i thought naranja was a bit...meh(no offence sergio), probably cos it was in spanish and it was a ruby rom base.

so i'd be happy to help with that, send me an ips to or PM me a reply with one attached...if that is possible. bye!

and for the lapras event, i could make somebody give you one that is holding surf, or mabye if i get more advanced you could rescue one that washed up on the beach..actually, i might have to look into that, lets see, i could have a lapra......
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