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All right. This is a science fiction crossover fic including both the R-Type and Pokemon genres. This will be PG-13 for violence, creature gore, dark themes, and suggestive dialog. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, and I expect you will thoroughly enjoy reading my work!


Chapter One: Genesis

"I remember my birth. Awareness came over me in a rush, the synapses within my brain suddenly activating in an onslaught of senses. My eyes opened in response to the sudden shock of stimuli, and I saw for the first time my surroundings. Liquid and metal. I could not possibly have known the words or their meanings at the time, but they came to me as easily as if I had.

I was suspended in artificial amniotic fluid within a titanium shell, the latter material chosen more for its resistance to corrosion than for its strength. Such a characteristic was necessary for my well-being: a lesser material would have dissolved from exposure to the liquid surrounding me, complicating my growth.

As my then-young mind continued to absorb information from my environment, I found that a small, circular window had been set into one side of my incubation pod. Tempered glass. Again, the words came to my thoughts as if they had always been a part of me. Looking through the portal, I found that another pod was hung suspended directly opposite from my own in a dimly lit room. I attempted to move, trying to see more of the outside, but realized that I was somehow being held securely in place.

Looking down, I noticed my body for the first time. My eyes scanned my pale-violet torso, noting the plate-like formations of flesh around my shoulders and across my chest. I saw my arms, curling up towards my chest and ending in three spherical fingers. I continued my self inspection, working across my dark-violet abdomen down to my two legs, each ending in two spherical toes. From there, I found my tail: it was the same deep purple as my abdomen and hung limply from my body, curling on the rounded floor of my incubation pod and ending in a thick teardrop shape.

In examining my body, I also found the source of my restraint. Countless tubes and wires ran from the inner wall of my pod to me, some gently but securely holding me, others entering cleanly into my flesh. As I regarded those that pierced my body, I spontaneously found myself understanding their uses. Blood oxygen level probe and administrator. Growth hormone probe and administrator. Synthetic blood transfuser. Heart monitor. All of these and more I understood, and therefore learned much about the inner workings of my body.

But I did not want to be restrained. The small amount I could move left me yearning for more freedom. I struggled against my bonds, pulling at them with all the strength my awkward and feeble body could muster. I did this until I could move no more, stilled by exhaustion. However, my displeasure with being contained only grew. I looked down again at the lines and wires that held me, my anger mounting at their stubbornness to release me. Suddenly, as I stared at one of the wires, I became…aware. The wire was mapped out in my mind, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, until I knew with absolution everything about it. Every material from which it was made. Every dimension.

Every flaw. The wire had one particularly weak point along its length, and it was this point that I concentrated upon the most. How I wished for the wire to be severed there, broken at its weakest place to allow me to be free. I stared at that spot, and imagined the molecules of the wire simply coming apart, separating cleanly as though by some microscopic razor.

They did. The wire, once so strong in holding me, went limp as the two cut halves drifted slowly through the fluid surrounding me until finally hanging limply from their respective connection points. Upon seeing the effect I had invoked upon the wire, I felt joy for the first time. I had found a way to free myself. I repeated my procedure with the remaining wires, leaving the ones that supported my bodily functions intact.

Finally, I focused on the titanium shell that surrounded me. I imagined it being cut vertically in half, the molecules separated with impossible perfection. Although the strong metal presented a greater challenge than the wires, I eventually attained my desired result. In a rush of sound and feeling, I fell through the floor of the pod as it separated, accompanied by the amniotic fluid I had been suspended in.

As I landed on a cold, hard surface, I experienced pain for the first time. The sudden sensation brought tears to my eyes, and caused me to retch the amniotic fluid from my saturated lungs. I lay there gasping, replacing the liquid in my respiratory system with the much lighter, sweeter air outside my incubation pod. Once I had sufficiently recovered, I glanced up at what had been my womb. On one side, under the circular window, I noticed a small label. It read:

'Mew v. 2.0.'"
-From recovered audio recording
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