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    Hi wichu, what you think about that idea:

    You can give all generations starters to choose in game start. Player choose starter with questions mechanism or they can have one randomly starter. Opponent can choose starter with winning type from randomly generation. They can be 15 starters: from 4 generations and 3 your fakes. That idea can give better diversity in online battles and chance for choice favorite starter.

    Next questions:

    1. In pokedex, you want give pokemon locations section?
    2. Maybe you can write in pokedex about pokemons abilities and level-up moves and other technical informations like in anime pokedex?
    3. Can you give in game wild pokemons with higher levels?
    4. Do you think, you can give location like Battle Frontier?
    5. Can you give special event's like Bug Catching Contest with special non-obtainable in normal locations pokemons like other starters and special rare items to win?
    6. Maybe special innovation like evolving pokemons by level in fight? Like in anime. There can be special events in fight when your opponents pokemons suddenly evolve when you think, you know win a battle . That's good if you have hard battle with electric pokemons trainer and your Mudkip after killing first pokemon get 16 lv. :D