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Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
If Misty is gonna be the heroine, then why is the fire red heroine gonna be the heroine?

Anyway, great hack and good luck...
Yes i standing(was standing) in the first post but the pallet from misty was scruwed up so now it's dawn ;) and thnx ;)

@prince112: that's right but ther's a problem.. i don't know how i must change the back sprite from the heroine in Fire-Red in ruby i's uber simple..

@zel: Yes i know i'm still working on the dubbel sprite of jessie and jamesmaby it's possible to battle them both (in a double battle) in the Fossil cave

@Cronos: Thnx and yes i know but i 've change the script a little bit so the jump 1x so that you don't see the sand.

@shinypkmnfan13, SW47 and thechampl: Thnx ^^

I've got new screenies people ^^
Black Forest:

The berry tree script:

And awesome new screenies from Violet City (in the past) ^^ Thnx to Rsr for import the G/S/C tileset (tiles ripped from the old G/S/C games)

I hope you like the new screens ^^
(SoZ if my engles is not so good)
Cya people

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