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    If anyone here needs any ideas for i game, ii have an okay one.
    You wake up in the Ocean Temple of Akusha (before it was submerged) and realize that it is the day you get your first pokemon from the elders council of the city. You go to them and they test you to sea if your "heart is pure." They then give you a level 5 phione (evolves at level 16 to Manafi and then at level 36 to a different form, maybe gysry?) You then go to The Pool (a pool with lots of level 5 or lower pokemon) to train and bond. You then hear a scream from the elders council and you go see what it was. The head elder has been kidnapped! The other elders tell you that team aqua kiddnapped the head elder and they give you five pokeballs and a pokedex and tell you to take the water leauge challenge (the four water gyms + the water elite four) and you are supposed to find out why they kiddnapped him.
    (All credit will go to you, I just like the idea)

    Stage one: egg
    In this stage you have to blow on an egg. You continuously blow on the egg for a period of two to three minutes. There is a pause button if you need to breathe during this stage. After the two to three minutes, the egg will hatch. When the egg hatches, you will take a quiz to see what kind of pokemon you want to be. After doing this stage, you won’t have to do it when you play as another pokemon.
    Stage two: first evolution
    At the beginning, there are only three pokemon you can chose to be. The others can be unlocked the farther you get into the game. In this stage you are a first evolution pokemon. You play with other first evolution pokemon, eat, sleep, swim, and much more!

    Stage three: second evolution
    In this stage you have evolved into your next evolution. You can explore out side your cave, a little more than you could when you were a first evolution. You can also battle. You can still play with other pokemon but you mostly explore to get experience points (Exp. Points.) If you lose in a battle, you black out for a few seconds, but than you "wake up" in the same place, with full health. You can also eat, sleep, swim, and socialize.
    *Stage four: third evolution
    In this stage you have evolved from your previous evolution. You can travel all around the continent you live on, exploring and gaining exp. points. You can also gather food (see page 8), mate (see page 9), watch over a baby pokemon, eat, sleep, swim, fly, and a lot more!
    *Not all pokemon have a third evolution

    In stage two, you can only battle with pokemon of your kind because you can’t leave your home. As you evolve, you can travel out of your home. Here, you will meet other pokemon to battle. In battles the opposing pokemon is/are on the left side of the touch screen, or bottom screen. You are on the right side of the bottom screen. As you gain levels, you also gain attacks. Attacks are used to make the other pokemon faint so you can gain exp. points. You can have as many attacks as you want, but you can only use six of them in a battle.
    You select your attacks by going to the attack screen after a battle and then, using the control pad, getting to the attack you want to select. Then press the button that will start the attack-A,B,X,Y,R,L. Your HP will grow as your level grows. This means you won’t faint as often in battle because you have more Hit Points (HP).

    Gathering Food
    You can only gather food in stages three and four. You can gather food by walking, swimming, or flying over an area. Your character will continue walking until you stop your character with your stylist. You stop by touching the bottom screen. You can then circle an area with a food. Your pokemon character will then pick up the food. The food may be on another pokemon, so you have to defeat that pokemon in battle. A screen will then come up saying "you have obtained…" with the food source in place of the dots. You can only pick up two food sources at a time.

    Mating only applies to stages three and four. You mate by going up to a pokemon of the opposite gender, clicking on it with your stylist, touching the heart icon located on the bottom screen, and doing the corresponding mating dance. The other pokemon will start the dance. There will be three colored buttons located on the touch screen. The other pokemon will do four moves, and you have to press the buttons that represent the move. If you do well enough, the pokemon will mate, and after one day, the female will lay an egg. The other pokemon will stay with you until the egg hatches, female or male.

    There are 17 different types:
    1.Bug 7.ghost 13.Psycic
    2.Dragon 8.Grass 14.Rock
    3.Electric 9.Ground 15.Water
    4.Fighting 10.Ice 16.Dark
    5.Fire 11.Normal 17.Steel
    6.Flying 12.Poison
    Each has its own weaknesses and is own strength.

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