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Originally Posted by Nalesnik View Post
Is Feebas/Milotic available in pokemon prism? if so, then where can i find it? also how does it evolve? cause in ruby u had to increase it beauty rating to make it evolve.
The Feebas family is currently not planned for Prism.

Originally Posted by Prinny View Post
I'm in prism and i just collected the 5 sticks of dynamite.. but when i talk to the guy who wants em.. he won't take em.... Any quick fix? maybe something i haven't done or was supposed to? or should i use the walk through walls code to bypass it?
I knew I would get this kind of comment. Don't get mad, but I'm wondering if you cheated, because the NPC doesn't check how many dynamite you have, he checks if you picked up all of the item balls. I did this because I knew someone would throw away some of his dynamite for no reason, and be stuck. If you didn't cheat, I'd like to check your sav file, because thats the first time I've ever heard that happening.

Originally Posted by mossunderatree View Post
In Pokemon Brown, I'm having trouble finding the item to see the ghosts in the Haunted Forest (presumably the Silph Scope?). Anyone have any hints?
Check the warehouse.