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well, not 1000% i'd say....mor like 700% or so. He still has a long way to go to be one of the best, but then again, we all do really, so I guess I shouldn't be talking, ne? *sweatdrops*

But yeah, you should see how I used to RP when I started out. no capitals, sentences ran together, and I misspelled almost every word(i.e. jutsu was spelled 'jitsu', ect.) so you can actually see how far I've come. If I can make that big of a change, anyone can! xD (serriously, I was horrible with close to no chance of changing, now look at me! =3: )

even though the thread died along time ago...I will continue on the memory of the "Arr, I Be A Pirate" RP! ARRR!


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