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Originally Posted by Skeetendo, Inc. View Post
Hey everyone, sorry its been a bit since an update. I have been very busy with things in real life, such as classes and the fact that every time i turn around I am having to work on my truck or take it to a shop because of random crap going out on it (its a 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71) And also the connection data to route 3 is proving to be a much larger hassle that route 1 and 2 were for some unknown reason, so that is what's going on. Hopefully this will all come together shortly and we can get on with it and get the beta out. Also, I will want to talk with Pyro about this but there is a possibility if it proves annoying we can release a beta that is through pewter instead of through mt moon. Still up in the air though.
Yay! Updates!! I dont care where it goes to as long as it is released!! Route 3 connection data? Why would you need to change seeing as Kanto is already in Gold? Unless you are making it from scratch...
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