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There are several features built-in to vBulletin itself that we make use of. These follow all the forum-wide rules unless otherwise stated. They also have their own rules, so please review them and be sure to follow them. If you find any violations of these rules, don't hesitate to report them like you would any other post. If you have any questions, ask a member of the staff.

User Names

All user names must conform to the community standards and be appropriate for a general family friendly audience. Hidden characters and UTF-8 characters designed to hide, glitch, or be unseen are not allowed in your username.

User Profiles

User profiles are a way for you to show off your identity on PC. You can post and receive public messages on other profiles and display your friends and photos. You can also customize the colours (and background images if you're a supporter).

No inappropriate images.
You are allowed to upload images to your personal album, but make sure they comply by PC rules. This means nothing inappropriate, whether in a private or public album.

The 25-character and 4-word rule does not apply.
Yes, this means you can bypass the limit as much as you want in the visitor messages.

Do not give out any personal information.
Giving out information such as your full name, your address or telephone number can be very dangerous online. Be cautious when sharing information.

Your YouTube video or Sound file may not be set to auto-play.
There are still a lot of people on PC who use dial-up or have a bandwidth cap. To have a hefty video file (especially in HD!) load automatically each time they visit your profile can really hinder their browsing experience. Thus, anyone who sets their video to auto-play may have it removed by the administrators.

Social Groups

Social groups are member-created, joinable little discussion boards that can span a variety of topics. They're a lot like the groups/clubs you'd find in the Pokémon Groups and Other Clubs forums except more automated. Social groups must follow all rules that apply to profiles and the forums.


No inappropriate images.
You are allowed to upload images from your albums to a social group, but the images must be relevant to the group and must comply by PC rules. The images must also have something to do with the social group.

The 25-character and 4-word rule does not apply.
While this limit does not apply, your responses in social groups should also not be spammy. Warnings/infractions may be given out for repeated offences.

Inactive groups may be pruned.
If a group has gone with no posts for over a month, it may be deleted for inactivity.

Potentially offensive groups and messages will be deleted.
This means no anti- groups, hate groups, etc. Keep it positive.

Try not to make moderated groups.
It makes sense for some groups to have moderated membership (ie, the "Veteran" group where each member must be checked for how long they've been on PC), most groups don't need it. Try to keep your groups open so everyone can join right away.

Group Creation

Since it is not possible to moderate groups before they go live, it is up to YOU to make sure your group meets the following requirements:
  • A clear and concise name
  • A meaningful purpose in the description
  • Not too broad or too specific. Note we will be more lenient with Pokemon-related groups*
  • Must be unique (not too similar to another)
Any group that does not meet these criteria may be edited to fit by the staff or outright deleted.

* A fan group for Misty from the Pokemon Anime would be okay but if you wanted a group for a character in a non-Pokemon series (ie. Hermione from Harry Potter), it would be allowed only as a thread in the general fan group for that series (based on the previous example, it would be a thread in the Harry Potter social group).

If you have any questions or concerns about a group, contact a higher staff member. If your group was deleted and you don't know why, read this.