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    well, here are some ideas :

    attacks -
    call (calls a pokemon of the same species when used on the map, rases the attack when in battler)
    Jack hammer attack (kind of like pound, only stronger)
    levitate (rases the evasion of the pokemon)
    meteor (pokemon calls a meteor from the sky to hit it's pokemon, kind of like in ffix)
    thorn wip (a higher version of vine wip, only this time the vines have thorns)
    water shot (pokemon shots a ball of water at the enemy)
    fin twitch (another magicarp move :D like splash, lol)
    razor fin (fish move, slashes the enemy with it's fins)
    cat scratch (like scratch, but adds an efect like... poison or something, i got the idea because my cat onece gave me cat scratch fever, it's where when a cat scratches you, the spot that it scratched gets puffy and looks like a whelp, and itches.)

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