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    Chapter One: I Can See Dreary Now

    A young man, looking no older than sixteen, lay on his back under the golden leaves, the sun peeking through the gaps to cast shadows of the foliage. The man's azure eyes blinked gently as the autumnal winds flitted through the air, not to mention his bowl-cut blonde hair. Surrounding him were two oak trees, standing mightily as guardians flanking his front and backside, subverting any unannounced threat that were to befall him. The trills of Swablu, Altaria, and even Swellow pierced the skies of the peaceful Hoenn villa. Many days here were spent with overzealous races, tree-climbing contests, and taking to the skies on the back of faithful Flying types. The man smiled softly as the arboreal plumage did a sort of warm-colored hula dance in the breezes. Leaves crunched as he sat up and looked to his left, seemingly hearing something in the distance.

    "Avinarti." The voice rang out clearly to the man's right, a gentle female tone filling the air. Turning around, he saw a young girl of around seventeen. It was a face he recognized quickly, the lime-green eyes and two-toned violet hair, strands of lilac color and a darker, magenta hue to balance it. He stood up, reaching 5'10" from the bottom of his jet-black shoes to the tip of his corn-yellow hair. Brushing the leaves off of his white, long-sleeved shirt, and dusting off the sides of his khaki dress pants, he nodded to the girl with a smirk.

    "Hey, Flora," Avinarti said in a level tone; this was his normal voice, one that seemed almost too mature for a sixteen-year-old. He walked over and gave the girl a gentle hug, patting her on the back.

    "Avi, I... I have to tell you something," Flora said, drawing deeper and deeper into a whisper. She pushed Avi away softly, then finished, "I'm going off to Team Magma."

    Avi's eyes widened as he backed away. "What!?" he yelled disdainfully. He had always hated Team Magma; he thought about his father with a grimace, the memory of him being forcibly taken from his home and enslaved to do bizarre experiments involving DNA extrapolation and infusion. Avi's father hadn't been home in ten years, an eternity to a boy who never once had a Pokemon under his belt. Why did he never go on an adventure like Flora or mostly every other child his age? Perhaps it was his father's capture, but Avi never really let on much about the reasons... Pokemon in general seemed to be evokers of his father's memory.

    "I don't have a choice." Flora's words grew silent and shaky; her face scrunched slightly as she fell to the ground crying. "They'll be here any second now... I shouldn't even be saying this. AIII!" Suddenly her voice broke off as a masked, muscular man, covered from head to toe in a stealth black jumpsuit, wrapped his left arm around her mouth, yelling "What the hell are you doing! I said no talking to your brother, stupid wench!" The man turned to Avi and yelled, "What are you looking at? Go play with your Pokemon plushies, kid." And he stormed off, his left arm forcibly dragging Flora off with him.

    Avi turned away, hanging his head as he stormed off to the east, stopping once he reached the gates to Route 120. Looking upward, he saw an Altaria flutter weakly in the air. In an instant, the cottony Dragon type spiraled to the ground in a terrifying nosedive. Avi quickly recognized the predicted landing spot twenty feet to the north and broke into a sprint, diving with arms extended to catch the sputtering Pokemon.

    However, he overshot his target, instead catching the beak right between his shoulder blades. It dug in, causing Avi to let out a small yip as he lay on his stomach. The dragon-bird flipped off Avi's body and trilled gratefully. Getting up onto his knees, Avi smiled and patted the Altaria's head. It trilled again and hopped up a couple of inches. The dragon-bird then nuzzled Avi's left arm lovingly.

    "Well, thank you," Avi said with an endearing smile. "You're quite beautiful," he commented, much to the Pokemon's pleasure. It trilled a quick aria of the Verdanturf Town theme, apparently signaling its former location. Avi smiled and clapped, somewhat engrossed by the wonder of his new friend. Itching slightly at the spot between his shoulder blades, he sat down to watch the Altaria's next move. It didn't budge, appearing quite happy in Avi's company...
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