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Will the Destroyer of Worlds arrive?

Made with: RPGXP

Hello. I'm Trace.
This is my first project on RPGXP. I realize I'm a early in process then I should actually been showcasing this, but I needed to get the word out that I have a game called Peridot.

This actually started as a ROM hack back in February, but hacking was stressful, so I gave RPGXP a go, and it worked out. I realize this resembles poccil's god-like starter kit quite a bit, but bare with me, I will change some things as I go along.

Moltres, the Kamisama of the Kinkou reigon has fallen ill. Moltres used to protect Kinkou. An evil group known as Team Kiki are following an old legend, saying that Moltres can be used as a portal for the Destroyer of Worlds when it is weak. And so your journey begins...

  • All Pokèmon (Including fourth generation) are in.
  • Travel around Kinkou, the reigon of Balance.
  • All D/P music and some more is in.
  • POKèGEAR, Card Shops, Battle Tower, Safari Zone, so much to do!
  • Day & Night returns.
  • Possible online. (Trading POKèMON)
  • Gible, Snover, or Ponyta as a starter
  • 10 Gyms
  • And many more...
Here is an important list of things that WON'T be in Peridot that are in other games. I'm sorry about this.
  • Door animations.
  • Attack animations.
  • Looping music.
  • Some other minor things.
I hope you understand and are fine with it.
Ah...I'll setup a progress report in a bit.

New screenies:

Old screenies:
I'll take more screenshots later. It's a bit of a pain. But here you go. Enjoy!

Me - Everything basically, 'cept spriting.
Greckel(PHO) - Overworld Spriting
Static Chu(PHO) - Trainer battle spriting
Dark Loki(PHO) - Beta testing
EvEv94(PHO) - Beta testing
Always & Never - Beta testing

Q: Why is there ten gyms?
A: I thought it'd be fun to have more.

Q: Can I be in your game?
A: No.

Q: I love your hack!

Q: What did you make this with?
A: RPGXP, and Poccil's starter kit.

Q: Can I beta test this?
A: No.

Q: I love this.
A: Not a question, but thanks.

Q: I hate this.
A: Then don't play it, genius.

Sorry, no Beta is available. I don't give release dates either. Again, sorry.

These are for people NOT ON THE TEAM.

Poccil - Starter Kit
Green Charizard - Peridot Version Text


Thanks for viewing Pokèmon Peridot!