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    Doing Something Out Of The Ordinary..Everytime!

    14 years ago, a group fronted by a powerful Pokemon trainer, known as The Syndicate wreaked havoc in the region of Akito. The goals of this organization are unclear, but the group was rumored to have been working with Mewtwo, an evil, man-made Pokemon. Before The Syndicate was disbanded Mewtwo was attacked and locked away by the power of Jirachi and her protectors, Latios & Latias. The power to Mewtwo's release was a locked away inside Jirachi, the only Pokemon pure of heart with enough power, and she was sent to an eternal slumber, a small price to pay for peace.

    Now 14 years later, you [player] are among the top 25 trainers in the world. An orphan since age 2, you live with your grandparents and attent Kai Global Academy, one of the most prestigious Pokemon schools around. You set out to challenge the gyms of Akito and work your way up to number one. However after a dark family secret is revealed, your motives and ultimately your life is changed. What's more there have been rumored sightings of men and women in white, running amuck in the town. Could it be that The Syndicate has returned? And if so what plans do they have for Akito? Find out in Pokemon Shattered Dreams!

    Brand New Plot
    Superb Scripting!
    Color Coded Text
    Sub Gym Leaders
    Tournament Style Pokemon League
    New Items
    New Tiles & Pallete
    Running Indoors!
    Customer Appreciation (Pokemarts)
    Custom & Revised Techniques
    New ways to work evolutions
    The use of a Cell Phone
    *New* Mini Game/Sidequest (100% Optional But still worth doing)
    *New* Purchase of berries!
    *New* Scaling Mountains!
    *New* New Field Mechanics (Headbutting Trees, Berry Harvesting, Weather Amplifying ect.)
    *New* Weather Spots!! (Weather changes mid game...or you can optionally change the weather )

    REMEMBER: Everything in these screens are subject to change.

    June 28:Thread rebooted!
    With noticeable differences.
    July 6:Both the male and female sprites and OW's are done and inserted.


    Q: Is Shinx still the starter?
    A: Nope, we have two starters to pick from. And from what I know, they're fan-favorites!

    Q: Why isn't Lucario in?
    A: After two years, I just felt like Lucario didn't make much sense anymore.

    Q: When is the beta being released?
    A: The Shattered Dreams beta on the page is old and will be dubbed SD "2008" or 1.0. I'll levae that up for download until this next one is ready for release. The beta for SD2010 is out now!!!

    ShatteredDreams2008 Beta 1.0 was offically released on June 20,2008. It is playable from the start til after Professor Pine is Kidnapped. That en tales 1 gym battle, 3 rival battles, and roughly 8 NEW events. This beta is old and surely outdated but is the base from which we started SD2010. This is the error list for SD2008:
    The OW aren't inserted. We decided not to give you a half baked job and wait for the next release.
    Trainer Backsprites aren't in yet (same reason as the OW's)
    The ICONS for the d/p Pokemon aren't inserted yet. (Same as OW's)
    You may find a few pokemon which cannot learn a certain TM but should and vice versa. (We're working on that)
    Some spelling mistakes.
    People inside the Botanist Woods Rest Area & Pokemon Centers/Marts Aren't Retexted
    I believe that is it!

    No Errors currently exist in the working build for SD2010

    Quilava's Master- Mapper & Scripter
    Scyther X- Spriter & C0-Mapper

    • Blue Pikachu, Yunghove, Eeveeon & IceCharizard for the banners
    • Visual (aka Cheesepeow) for the rom base
    • Neti for helping me make this CSS sheet.
    • Everyone who supports us
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