Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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    Well it's quite off topic but I was thinking......

    Since this is a gold hack that means that Johto is going to be in it right?O.o

    Then why not include also the rumors for gold/silver in this?

    For example.....

    1: I remember when I was a child hearing something about a giant Bellsprout in Sprout tower!

    2:Or one I read on a site!
    [quote from a site]

    1. Get the Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod and evolve it to Espeon.
    2. Get a second Eevee from the Celadon City Game Corner and evolve it to Umbreon.
    3. Give Umbreon and Espeon in at the Day Care Centre.
    4. Wait until they have both reached at least Lv.50.
    5. The man will be outside with an egg.
    6. Pick up the egg, Espeon and Umbreon.
    7. After about 10,000 steps the egg hatches into Eevee.
    8. Raise it to exactly Lv.50 and use the Moon Stone.
    9. It evolves into Cyboreon, and learns attacks like Rainbow Hyper Beam up to Lv.100.It is a Dark/Steel Pokémon and its number is 252.[/quote from a site]
    I think that Cyboreon is one of those famous pokegods people are talking about!