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    Originally Posted by Corrosion View Post
    I'm quite sure Mewtwo doesn't exist.

    Nevertheless, I would think up a story for Mewtwo's existence- Freak of nature or something? Good luck to you all anyways.
    Hi corrosion, yea he pretty much is a freak or nature, a pure bite off of Mew but he's still fun to use. . Also, Arm♠ndo Ristar will make an appearance in the game. Hopefully we can get some more screenshots done.

    Edit: Lucario may not be a Legendary, but neither is Mewtwo but both are very capable of blowing some of the other legendaries out of the water. Plus both are very diverse and I really wanted to incorporate them in this Hack for my team mate Quilava's master felt that they were "jipped" out of a storyline and so were Latios and Latias. Aside from their 2 dollar movies. Also, No, we did not get this idea from pokemechs RP. This is an original idea made by us.
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