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    This is the sign up area for the role play The Great Earthwauke (sorry I'll put up the URL when I get more then 15 posts)

    Plot: A large earthquake rattled the hwole world of pokemon. As a result natural resorces have been disappering. Food has grown thin. Living things are begining to starve, including plants. Pokemon and humans fight visously for food and land. Tensions have begun to rise between pokemon and humans. Even some tamed, captured pokemon are begining to have feels of hate for their trainers, same things for trainers. I havn't even gotten to the strangest part yet. The Earthquake realised a strange energy that gave the pokemon the ability to talk in human speech. Pokemon haven't showed this talent to humans yet using this oppritunity to make an army to destroy the humans. The more pitying pokemon have only captured humans. War will break out, and he humans will never know what hit them... What has caused the earthquake that caused all this suffering? And what will happen in the upcoming events? Only time will tell.

    Human Sign Up Sheet:
    Pokemon: (If they own any)
    Opinion: (What is their opinion on pokemon)

    Pokemon Sign Up Sheet(does not include pokemon a trainer has):
    Age: (just pretend they live the same length as humans)
    Species: (what species of pokemon are they?)
    Opinion: (What is their opinion on humans)
    Posistion: (Are they part of the army of pokemon, and if they are what is their rank, general, or soilder)

    (you will have to describe your caracter in your post)
    (You can add more caracters anytime you want but you can only have up to five caracters, that doesn't include a human's pokemon)

    (My caracters)

    Name: Damien
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Lucario, Riolu, Umbreon, Ditto, Turtwig, and Treeco
    Opinion: He stil enjoy pokemon but he is slowly realizing some pokemon, luckly not his...yet, are starting to hate him and other humans
    Personality: He is hyper and goofy, he can be a bit annoying, he can be caring and smart when he wants to.

    Name: Flare
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Houndoom
    Opinion: He had always disliked them, now he hates them even more
    Posistion: Yes, Leader
    Personality: He has a acid anger and a short fuse. He can be over harsh at times, but he has good strageties for battles.